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How to Replace the Voltage Regulator in a Dodge Durango

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All Dodge Durango SUVs come with a Powertrain Control Module that contains the voltage regulator. If any problems develop with the voltage regulator, it cannot be replace by itself. The entire Powertrain module must be replaced.

Record the Durango's vehicle identification number and mileage before beginning. You must have these to program into the new Powertrain Control Module.

Make sure the ignition switch is turned off. Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal and set it somewhere where it can't accidentally reconnect.

Raise the hood and locate the Powertrain Control Module. It should be near the right fender in the engine compartment.

Remove the cover concealing the electrical connectors. Carefully unplug all the 32-way connectors from the Powertrain Control Module. There are normally three connectors.

Remove the Powertrain Control Module from the Durango by disconnecting the mounting bolts. Install the replacement module (with a good voltage regulator) onto the truck.

Install all the 32-way connectors to the new Powertrain module. Replace the cover over all the electrical connectors. Connect the negative battery cable.

Use a scan tool to program the vehicle identification number and original mileage into the Powertrain Control Module. You must do this to avoid a diagnostic trouble code from appearing.


  • Inspect the 32-way connectors for any corrosion or damage before connecting the replacement Powertrain module. Repair or replace them if necessary.

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