How to Replace a Lincoln Town Car Fuel Pump

by Gregory Crews

The fuel pump on your Lincoln Town Car does not have to be a nightmare to replace. There are a just a few steps to remember. Before you know it, you will have your car running like new. The fuel pump is complicated to access, but with these steps, you can have this task completed in no time.

Step 1

Locate the suspension switch in the trunk of the car on the left side. Turn that switch to the "off" position. Don't jack the vehicle up with the suspension on as it may cause tears in your air bags.

Step 2

Jack the car up from the rear and drain the gas out of the tank. Look closely and you will see a plug from which to drain the fuel out.

Step 3

Using your ratchet, unscrew the four bolts from the bands. As you are unscrewing these bolts, you will notice that the gas tank is starting to drop.

Step 4

Place another jack or even a tall cinder block to hold the tank up while you are dropping it. The tank is oblong shaped and you are going to have to pivot the tank back and forth to assist it down. As it comes down, place it on the stand (jack or cinder block).

Step 5

Undo the fuel inlet line as it connects into the top portion of the tank. It is held on by a hose clamp. Unscrew the hose clamp from the tank. The line will slide right off.

Step 6

Lay the tank on the ground. Disconnect any lines running into the cap. You may need a hammer and a screwdriver to unscrew the cap. As you pull the cap off, pull the cap straight up and out. You might need to turn the assembly to an angle as you pull it out since the fuel sending unit is attached to it. The fuel pump is visible as you pull up the cap.

Step 7

Notice that the fuel pump and the sending unit are attached together on the assembly that is submerged in the tank. The cap will detach from the rest of the fuel pump. Remember where the o-ring is as you are going to replace them with new ones.

Step 8

Wash your tank out to remove any sediment that is inside it. You can use the excess fuel or you can use water. If you use water you will want to make sure it is dried out completely before you attempt to re-install. Once the tank is cleaned out you can start putting it all back together.

Step 9

Place the new o-ring, along the threaded part of the tank, where the old one was. Go ahead and place the cap over the flat part part of the fuel-pump assembly. Once it is all together then you can place it all back in the tank.

Step 10

Make sure the cap is tight and the lines are secured back on the fuel pump. You will have two electrical lines and two small hoses that attach on to the top. They should all be quick connect and snap right into place.

Step 11

Start lifting the tank into place and put the bands back into place. Snug the bolts into the bands so the tank is being held up. The fuel inlet hose from the gas cap should be tightened back into place. With everything in place now you can tighten the bands and the tank will be finished.

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