How to Replace a Tail Light F350

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Ford's Super Duty truck series (F250 to F450) is a durable workhorse. Tail lights burn out over time, even in a tough truck like the Ford F350. Replacing the Ford Super Duty tail light is slightly different than in the standard F150 model.

Turn the ignition in your F350 off and lower the tailgate door.

Remove the access bolts on the side of the tail light assembly. They become visible with the tailgate lowered. Most models have bolts, but some have torx screws.

Pull back the retaining clip on the side of the lens and carefully pull it from the truck to access the rear.

Turn the bulb module one-quarter counterclockwise to remove it from the lens. Pull the old tail light from the module and discard it.

Install the new bulb into the module. You will hear a slight click when the bulb is connected. Insert the module back into the rear of the lens and turn it clockwise to secure it. Place the lens assembly back into its position and replace the bolts or screws.


  • check Only use the specified bulbs. 2006 and newer models use a different bulb than older models use. The F250 and F350 share the same tail light assembly. These instructions will also work for the Ford F250.

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