How to Replace a Stabilizer Bar in a Saturn VUE

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When you replace the stabilizer bar on your 2010 Saturn Vue, be aware that the outer tie rod-to-steering knuckle nut is a single-use nut. Once the nut has been tightened, it can't be reused. When you remove the old stabilizer bar and install the new one, take care not to catch the transmission shift cable as you pass the bar through the wheel opening.

Remove the Stabilizer Bar

Step 1

Rurn the steering wheel fully to the right. Chock the rear wheels. Loosen the front wheel nuts 1/2 turn. Raise the Vue -- one side at a time -- using the floor jack on the frame rails just behind the front wheels, and support it on jack stands. Take off the front wheels.

Step 2

Take the stabilizer link off the stabilizer bar, then remove the nut from the outer tie rod to steering knuckle. Dispose of the nut.

Step 3

Separate the outer tie rod from the steering knuckle with the tie rod separator. Remove the bolts that connect the cradle to the stabilizer bar clamp. Remove the clamps and the bushings from the bar.

Pull the stabilizer bar away from the vehicle by removing it through the left wheel opening.

Install the Stabilizer Bar

Step 1

Put the new stabilizer bar through the left wheel opening. Install the bar clamps and the bushings, then set the bar clamp bolts in place. Torque the bolts to 37 foot-pounds. Check the link boots for damage and replace them as needed.

Step 2

Stabilize the boot to prevent twisting. Connect the stabilizer links to the bar. Tighten the nut to 48 foot-pounds. Reconnect the left outer tie rod to the steering knuckle.

Step 3

Use the steering linkage installer to set the ball stud taper to 30 foot-pounds. Take out the steering linkage installer. Install a new tie rod nut and tighten it to 37 foot pounds.

Put the wheels back on the front of the vehicle. Tighten the lugs hand tight. Lower the Vue to the ground and torque the lug nuts to 100 foot-pounds in a star pattern. Have your alignment checked.

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