How to Replace the Shocks and Struts in a Oldsmobile Alero

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The struts in your Oldsmobile Alero are the parts of the suspension system that keep your ride smooth and comfortable. The struts also aid in handling and control. Help keep your Oldsmobile Alero model's comfortable ride by replacing the struts.

Replace the Front Struts in an Alero

Lift the front end of the Alero with a floor jack and support it by the frame with jack stands. Pop the hood, and locate the upper strut mounting nuts over the wheel wells inside the engine compartment. Use a ratchet to remove them. Use a tire iron to loosen and remove the nuts mounting the front wheels and set the wheels aside.

Follow the brake line from the wheel hub to the strut. Dislocate the bracket holding it from the strut, which is the hardware assembly with springs running from the wheel hub to the frame of the Alero. Use a permanent marker to mark the orientation of the strut on the steering knuckle so you match it when you install the new one.

Unbolt the lower mounting bolt holding the strut to the steering knuckle, which is the arm that turns the wheel hub to the right and left. Pull the strut out and repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the Alero.

Align the new strut assembly with the marks on the steering knuckle and install and hand-tighten the upper mounting nuts. Insert the lower bracket bolts, and set the torque wrench to 133 foot lb. Tighten the bolt until you feel the wrench slip. Reset it to 18 foot lb. Tighten the upper mounting nuts.

Reconnect the brake hose bracket to the strut, and torque the nut to 10 foot lb. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 on the other side of the Alero and mount the front wheels. Lower the front end and have a professional check the alignment.

Replace the Rear Struts in an Alero

Raise of the rear end of the Alero and support it by the frame. Remove the rear wheels. Locate the struts on the knuckle, and mark their orientations with a permanent marker so you know how to place the new ones.

Pop the trunk, and remove the access panels over the wheel wells. Remove the upper mounting nuts for the struts. Pull the upper mounting bolts from the wheel wells, and unbolt the strut from the knuckle. Pull the strut out and repeat this step on the other side of the Alero.

Align the new strut with the marks on the knuckle, and install the upper bolts and nuts. Torque them to 18 foot lb. Insert the lower mounting bolts and torque them to 89 foot lb. Repeat this step on the other side of the car.

Mount the rear wheels and lower the back end of the Alero. Have a professional check the wheel alignment.

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