How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on a Chevrolet Colorado

by Allen Moore

The Chevrolet Colorado has a serpentine drive belt system to provide operational torque to the engine accessories, such as the water pump, alternator and power steering pump. The long, continuous belt winds its way through the pulleys in a serpent-like manner, hence the name. Examine the belt at every service interval and when you note edge fraying, surface cracking or rib loss, replace it immediately. Those with a solid handle on auto-repair can complete replace a Chevrolet Colorado serpentine belt in less than one hour.

Step 1

Lift the Colorado's hood by hand. Familiarize yourself with the belt-routing diagram, provided by Chevrolet and placed on the fan shroud. The diagram illustrates the proper belt path as well as the location of the various components in the serpentine drive belt system.

Step 2

Move the Colorado's automatic belt tensioner away from the serpentine belt employing the serpentine belt tool. Pull the belt away from the engine with your free hand before moving the automatic belt tensioner back into position.

Step 3

Lift the serpentine belt off the various pulleys by hand. Pull the belt out of the Colorado's engine bay.

Step 4

Measure the Colorado's old belt against the replacement belt to ensure you have a proper replacement before installing the new one. The old belt may have stretched up to 1 inch during its lifetime. If the new belt is longer than the old one, or more than 1 inch shorter, you have the wrong replacement belt and should take both belts to the parts retailer for a proper replacement.

Step 5

Loop the replacement belt around the bottom of the Colorado's crankshaft pulley by hand. Follow the exact routing path illustrated on the belt-routing diagram to run the belt around all the engine pulleys until only the automatic belt tensioner pulley remains.

Step 6

Move the Colorado's automatic belt tensioner aside once more using the serpentine belt tool. Slide the new serpentine belt onto the tensioner by hand. Slowly move the tensioner back into position before removing the tool and closing the hood.

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