How do I Change a Honda Passport Belt?

by Grace Mclain
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The Honda Passport has a serpentine belt that operates the front engine accessories. The serpentine belt routes around all of the front engine accessories in a way that allows the belt to operate the accessories at the same time. These accessories include the water pump, the air conditioner compressor, the power steering pump and the alternator. The belt is designed to route around each accessory as indicated on the belt-routing diagram. If the belt has any damage, such as fraying or excessive cracking, you should replace it immediately.

Step 1

Open the hood and prop it up with the hood rod attachment.

Step 2

Locate the serpentine belt routing diagram on top of the fan shroud on the passenger's side. Use this diagram as a routing guide when installing the new belt around the accessory pulleys.

Step 3

Locate the spring-loaded belt tensioner device on the front left side of the engine below the alternator. The tensioner device has a roller pulley that is attached to the bottom. Use the bolt head that is in the middle of the roller pulley to rotate the tensioner device.

Step 4

Rotate the tensioner device counterclockwise with a breaker bar and a socket. Pull the belt off the roller pulley. Release the tensioner device and remove the breaker bar.

Step 5

Finish removing the belt from all of the accessoriy pulleys. Slide the belt out of the engine bay and lay it next to the new belt. Make sure that the new belt is the same width and length as the old belt.

Step 6

Route the new serpentine belt around each accessory pulley by using the belt-routing diagram for the proper routing instructions. Always start with the crankshaft pulley and end with the roller pulley during the routing process.

Step 7

Turn the tensioner device counterclockwise with the breaker bar and socket. Slide the new belt over the roller pulley. Release the tensioner device and remove the breaker bar.

Step 8

Inspect the new belt to ensure that it is properly routed and that the belt is seated within each accessory pulley.

Step 9

Crank the Honda Passport for about 10 seconds to completely seat the new belt into each accessory pulley. Shut the engine off, recheck the belt and close the hood.

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