How to Replace the Rear Signal Lights in a Pontiac Grand Am

by Editorial Team

Keeping your Pontiac Grand Am's rear signal lights in working order is extremely important. If one ever burns out or breaks, you can install a new one in just a few minutes. Please note, these instructions don't apply to Grand Am models made before 1992.

Step 1

Take the keys out of the ignition and set the parking brake for safety. Also, make sure the headlamp control is in the "OFF" position.

Step 2

Open the trunk using the driver's side trunk release latch or by manually unlocking it.

Step 3

Peel the carpeted trunk trim away from the trunk's interior wall.

Step 4

Remove the four wing nuts that fasten the taillight assembly to the car. Place the nuts in your pocket or a small bag for safekeeping.

Step 5

Lift the rear combination light assembly away from your Grand Am's body. Press the five restraining tabs to release the assembly plate from the lens cover.

Step 6

Pull the defective bulb directly out of its socket and replace it with the new bulb. Once it's secure, press the assembly plate back into place.

Step 7

Activate the new turn signal to make sure it's working. If the bulb lights up, attach the lens cover, fasten the wing nuts and replace the trunk trim.

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