How to Replace the PCV Valve in a Hyundai Santa Fe

by Editorial Team

The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve controls the amount of pressure that goes through the compartments of your engine. If this valve gets clogged or breaks on your Hyundai Santa Fe, you'll need to replace the valve in order to prevent your engine from running rough or backfiring. After some troubleshooting to ensure that it's not a different problem in your Santa Fe, you can perform the PCV valve replacement.

Step 1

Locate the PCV valve on the Hyundai Santa Fe. You'll find the Santa Fe PCV valve on the back of the valve cover with a hose attaching it to the intake manifold.

Step 2

Start your car and allow it to idle. Remove the PCV valve by pulling it away from the valve cover. Test the PCV valve while it's still attached to the hose by feeling for the vacuum at the bottom of the part as well as shaking it and listening for a rattling sound. If you find both these items, you don't need to go further with the replacement.

Step 3

Order the PCV valve for your Hyundai Santa Fe if you find that it doesn't pass your troubleshooting. You can find the PCV valve for your 2001 to 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe on Auto Parts Warehouse. This part fits all engine types.

Step 4

Discard the old PCV valve. Locate the opening on the valve cover that houses the PCV valve and position the longer end of the valve inside of it. The shorter end will is reattached to the hose.

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