How to Replace Motor Mounts on Fords

by Robert Good

Motor mounts are what keep the engine mounted to the metal frame of the Ford. The Ford motor mounts will be located on the bottom right and left front side of the engine. On some SRT (special race team) Ford models will be a metal cover that must be removed in order to gain access to the motor mounts. Phillips-head screws will be what secures the metal covers to the motor-mount fittings.

Step 1

Place the car jack under the front lift point under the front door and raise the Ford. Place a jack stand under the support point and lower the Ford onto the jack stand. Repeat for the opposite front side. The front end of the Ford will be completely off the ground now.

Step 2

Slide under the Ford on your back so that you are looking up at engine. Locate the two motor mounts or the metal covers if the Ford has them. Remove the screws using the Phillips-head screwdriver and pull the covers off the mounts. Loosen the securing bolts using the ratchet set.

Step 3

Place the car jack under the Ford's oil pan and position the wooden block on the jack lifting point. Raise the jack up to the oil pan and raise the engine two inches to free the securing bolts. Remove one securing bolt using the ratchet.

Step 4

Pull the motor mount from the fitting and slide the new mount into place where the old mount was. Insert the securing bolt and tighten the bolt using the ratchet set. Repeat for the other motor mount. Lower the engine using the car jack and remove the jack from underneath the Ford's engine.

Step 5

Torque the motor-mount securing bolts to the manufacturer's specifications using the torque wrench. Replace the mount covers and get out from under the engine. Using the car jack, remove the jack stands and lower the Ford to the ground.

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