How to Replace the Motor Mounts on an Altima

by Alibaster Smith

The motor mounts on a Nissan Altima hold the engine in place. They perform a very basic--but very important--function. The mount is actually secured with two large bolts. One bolt connects the mount to the engine, and the other connects the mount to the frame of the Altima. The mount consists of a steel casing with a rubber bushing in the center. When this rubber bushing fails, the mount must be replaced. You should replace all three motor mounts. But work on only one mount at a time.

Step 1

Support the engine with a floor jack. Place a piece of wood underneath the oil pan and jack up on the piece of wood. Alternatively, you can place the wood on the jack and try to center the wood on the oil pan. You need a piece of wood that is flat (like press wood) but also strong and wide to distribute the force of the jack across the oil pan. This will prevent the jack from crumpling the oil pan by accident. You need only support the engine. Do not try to lift up on the engine; otherwise you will damage the oil pan and the oil pickup inside the pan.

Step 2

Use the socket wrench to remove one of the bolts that connects one of the motor mounts to the bracket on the engine. It does not matter which mount you start with; just remember that you should only work on one motor mount at a time.

Step 3

Remove the bolt that secures the mount you are working on to the frame of the vehicle.

Step 4

Slide the mount out of the engine's mounting bracket and remove the mount.

Step 5

Install the new mount. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Step 6

Torque the motor mount bolt to the torque specifications listed in your Altima service manual for your specific year of Altima. Different model years and engine sizes used in the Altima have different torque specifications.

Step 7

Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for all the motor mounts.

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