How to Replace the Motor Mounts on a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

by Richard Rowe

In a way, it's not really fair to call the later-model Pacifica a "minivan." The minivan as a concept was an evolution of the station wagon -- a taller evolution, but still a sedan underneath. But the Pacifica's CS platform is a fully bespoke unit, used only by the Pacifica and designed specifically for it. So, the only thing that this whatever-it-is shares in common with its lesser minivan cousins is its basic shape, engine, transmission, windows wheels, headlights, seats, dashboard, bumpers, two lower and one upper motor mount and -- oh, nevermind. It's a minivan.

Lower Mounts

Step 1

Lit the front of the van enough so that you can crawl underneath, and support it with jackstands. Disconnect the negative battery cable, and remove the bolts securing the engine cover to the engine. If removing the left-hand mount, you may need to unplug and unbolt the cooling fan assembly from the radiator.

Step 2

Install the engine support fixture. The engine support bar specified by Chrysler for this job is a three-bar unit. It's shaped like a capitol "T." On the tips of the horizontal "T" bar are "feet" that sit on the fenders on either side of then engine bay; the bottom tip of the bar has a foot that sits on the radiator support. hooks hanging down from the bar engage the factory lift hooks on the motor. When you install the bar, you'll turn the jack-screws on the chain to lift the engine and support its weight with the bar instead of the mounts.

Remove both of the engine mount-to-chassis nut, then lower the vehicle to gain better access to the mount bolts. Remove them, and turn the jack-screws to lift the engine slightly to relieve stress on the mount; pull the mount out. Install the new mount as you took the old one out, and lift the van again. Tighten mount-to-bracket nut to 75 foot-pounds, tighten the engine block bolts to 40 foot-pounds. Remove the engine support bar, reinstall the remaining fasteners and tighten them to 75 foot-pounds. Reinstall the fan and tighten the screws, if you pulled it off.

Top Mount

Step 1

Support the bottom of the engine with a floor jack and block of wood so it won't tilt, and remove the air cleaner filter housing. You don't need to use the engine fixture for this one, since the upper mount's job is only to keep the engine from rotating. With the engine not running, it doesn't bear much actual load.

Step 2

Remove all of the bolts from the upper mount. You'll find three bolts securing the mount to the intake manifold, and two securing it to the frame.

Drop the new mount in place of the old. Tighten the intake manifold bolts to 40 foot-pounds, and the frame bolts to 50 foot-pounds.

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