How to Replace a Lumina Rearview Mirror

by Zyon Silket

The Chevy Lumina rearview mirror is attached by a small metal button glued to the windshield and a small setscrew. Replacing the mirror becomes necessary when the silver reflective paint starts to peel off the back of the glass. When this happens, it becomes difficult to see in the mirror, and it could cause your Lumina to fail a state inspection. Replacing the mirror requires an Allen wrench and very little auto-repair knowledge.

Push the mirror upward on its base so the reflective glass faces the roof of the Lumina. This makes it easier to get the Allen wrench into the setscrew on the base of the rear view mirror.

Remove the setscrew with a 9/16 Allen wrench by turning the wrench counterclockwise.

Slide the rearview mirror up to remove it from the metal button glued to the Lumina's windshield. The metal button has a groove cut into each side of it that grips the base of the mirror to prevent it from falling to the floor.

Place the new rearview mirror onto the windshield, directly above the metal button. Slide the base of the mirror down onto the metal button until it seats in place.

Thread the setscrew into the base of the mirror with your fingers to avoid cross-threading it. Tighten the screw with the Allen wrench.

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