How to Replace the Cigarette Lighter in a 1995 Subaru Legacy

by Allen Moore

Replacing a faulty cigarette lighter assembly on a 1995 Subaru Legacy is a job best left to professional technicians. While the need for cigarette lighters for smokers is rapidly dwindling, the use of the same lighter socket to power cellular phones, laptop computers, DVD players and other electronic accessories is growing by leaps and bounds. Without a fully functioning cigarette lighter, you won't be able to enjoy any of those accessories in your Subaru Legacy.

Disconnect the negative battery cable using a battery wrench.

Remove the two screws from the center console interior using a long Phillips head screwdriver. Lift the center console up and out of the way.

Pry the trim bezel that surrounds the gear shift lever out with a trim tool. You can purchase a trim tool at any auto parts store for about the same price as a screwdriver. Be patient when prying the trim up so that you do not crack or break it. Set the bezel aside.

Pull the trim at the rear of the shifter housing up and off by hand. Set it aside.

Pull the cup holder out as far as it will go and use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws holding it in place. Set the cup holder aside.

Pull the ashtray out to access the two screws going into the housing above the ashtray. Remove these two screws with the short Phillips head screwdriver. Do not let them drop or you may not be able to retrieve them without removing most of the Legacy's interior.

Pull the center dash bezel off by hand slowly. Reach behind it once you have clearance and pull the two wiring connectors off the back of the cigarette lighter.

Pull the old cigarette lighter out of the socket by hand and insert the new one. Hold the center dash bezel in position and connect the two wires to the new lighter.

Reassemble the trim in reverse of how you disassembled it. Reconnect the negative battery cable.


  • close Use magnetized screwdrivers to prevent losing trim screws. The screws can fall down into the dashboard and are virtually impossible to recover without extensive interior parts removal.

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