How to Replace the Light Switch on a Chevy Tahoe

by Eli Laurens

Chevrolet Tahoe models have light switch modules that can short-circuit or wear and break over time. The modules house all lighting functions in one unit. Replacing the module should take the average backyard mechanic about an hour.

Replacing the Chevrolet Tahoe Light Switch Module

Disconnect the battery by unbolting its positive terminal with a socket wrench.

Remove the front dash panel. It has four primary screws on the bottom and one on the gauge cluster holding it in. Once the bolts are removed, it can be pulled gently out of the plastic rivets. The steering wheel must be repositioned by moving its "tilt" function to fully remove the dash panel, and some switches must be unplugged, such as the rear wiper and the 4x4 actuation switch.

Unbolt the light switch module, then remove it by unplugging it from the wiring harness. It is a one-piece unit and will pull directly out once released from the harness.

Replace the old unit with a new lighting switch module. Plug the unit into the wiring harness, then bolt it to the dash.

Test the light switches on the unit to ensure proper operation. Reconnecting the battery briefly for this test is required, but the light switch module should not be removed while the battery is connected.

Replace the front dash panel, and replace the screws under the dash and the one screw in the dash cluster.


  • check Some newer Tahoe light switch modules will plug into the harness but won't work correctly. Be sure to get the correct model.


  • close Do not start the car with the light switch module removed.

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