How to Replace License Plate Light Bulbs on a Dodge Nitro

by Daniel Valladares

The Nitro is an SUV produced by Dodge. As with all bulbs, the license plate bulbs will burn out over time. If this occurs, you can easily replace the bulbs in a matter of minutes with only a clean cloth and a replacement 168-type bulb. Be sure to always have all the lights on your Nitro in working order for safety reasons.

Park the Dodge Nitro and turn off the engine.

Make your way to the rear of the SUV and locate the light bulbs around the license plate.

Use a clean cloth to pull any burnt-out bulbs straight out of their sockets. Dispose of them properly.

Install the replacement bulbs into the sockets by pushing them in. You will hear a click when the bulb is secure. Use a clean cloth to install the bulbs.


  • close Always use a clean cloth to handle halogen bulbs.

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