How to Replace the Car Keys for a 2007 Nissan Versa

by Shanan Miller

The 2007 Nissan Versa came with two key options: A regular transponder-chipped key that opens the doors and starts the engine, or an Intelligent Key that allows you to open your car door or press the start button to turn the car on. Both types of keys can be replaced at a Nissan dealership. In addition, if you add extra car keys, you have to bring any keys you already have with you to be reprogrammed. Otherwise, the keys will not work again.

Call your local Nissan dealer to make an appointment to come in with your vehicle or to find out if you can simply stop in during service department hours.

Go to the Nissan USA website to locate a local dealer if you do not know the phone number. Under the "Shop & Locate" menu on the bottom of the page, choose the "Find a Dealer" option. Put in your zip code in the space provided and click the search option. Choose a dealer to call from the results page.

Tell the service representative that you need to replace your keys. Go to the dealer with your keys at the appointed time, or drop by during business hours if you don't need an appointment.

Tell the service department representative how many keys you want to purchase. You can add up to four Intelligent Keys or five chipped keys.

Give all of your Versa keys to the service representative. Wait while the keys are set up for your car. Pay the service representative and make sure that all the keys work before you leave.


  • check If you have lost all of your Versa keys, call your local dealer for instruction. You may have to have your car towed in.

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