How to Replace the Key Fob for an Acura MDX

by Andrew Todd

The Acura MDX is a four-door SUV with many available optional features including four-wheel drive, leather seats, premium audio and in-dash navigation. New MDX owners receive two fob keys that combine the vehicle's key and alarm buttons on one unit. If the fob key is lost or damaged, it must be replaced to resume use of the vehicle. To purchase a new fob key, you must visit an Acura dealership.

Locate the nearest Acura dealership using the "Acura Locate a Dealer" web page which is listed in the Resources section below.

Bring the vehicle to the Acura dealership. If you have lost all of the keys to the vehicle you must have it towed to the dealership because the vehicle must be present.

Provide proof of ownership of the vehicle if you do not have the keys. The vehicle's title or registration card, combined with your driver's license is sufficient proof of ownership.

Provide payment for the new fob key. As of this publication, the new fob key costs $57 and the dealership charges $135 to program the key. Once payment is rendered, the new key will be cut and programmed to your vehicle.


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