How to Replace the Key for a 2007 Dodge Nitro

by Richard Ristow
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A 2007 Dodge Nitro's keys are programmed, so replacing them can be tricky depending on how many spares you have lying around. If you have two spare keys, simply have a locksmith cut a new one and reprogram it yourself. If you lost all of your keys, or you only have one spare, you must visit the local dealership and have it create new keys. The reason one spare key won't work is because you need two original, programmed keys to reprogram a third key. The dealership will nullify your old key's programming so that if it falls into the wrong hands, whoever has it will not be able to unlock or start your Nitro.

Step 1

Take one of your spare keys to a Dodge-approved locksmith and have him copy the blade.

Step 2

Insert the original spare into your Nitro's ignition and turn it to the "On" position. Wait anywhere three to 15 seconds before turning the spare key back and removing it.

Step 3

Insert the second original second into the ignition and turn it to "On." Ten seconds will pass, then you will hear a chime and the "Vehicle Theft Alarm Indicator Light" will flash. When you see this, turn the ignition to "Off" and remove the second spare. The "Vehicle Theft Alarm Indicator Light" will continue to flash. That is normal.

Step 4

Insert the recently made duplicate and turn it to "On." As in the previous step, 10 seconds will pass and a chime will sound. The "Vehicle Theft Alarm Indicator Light" will stop flashing. It will return in three seconds and then turn itself off. This indicates you have successfully programmed the Nitro's new spare key.

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