How to Replace the Ignition Lock on a Chrysler

by Matthew Fortuna

Ignition cylinders are essential features on vehicles, and most Chrysler cars and vans are no different. For many reasons the ignition cylinder may stop working. If this happens, you can take some simple steps to remove and replace the cylinder with your key. You can do this in seconds and have the system ready to use right away.

Insert your key into the car's ignition as normal, and then insert a straightened out paperclip into the slot just to the left of the key cylinder.

Turn your key to the "Acc" position, and hold firmly onto the key and the paperclip with both hands.

Pull on both to slide the cylinder out of its slot. You can then place the cylinder down and remove the paperclip before removing the key.

Insert a new cylinder into the open slot, and then use your ignition key to push it into place. You can purchase new cylinders at auto supply stores.

Insert the paperclip into the new cylinder, to the small slot just off of the key slot, and then turn the key again to "Acc" to lock it into place.

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