How to Replace an Ignition Coil Pack

by Justin Cupler

Ignition coil packs are individual coils that sit on each spark plug; they replaced the older style ignition systems that utilized a distributor and spark plug wires. The reasoning for the replacement was due to the loss of power from the resistance created by the spark plug wires. This wasn't a problem until fuel prices began climbing and customers wanted the most fuel efficient cars possible; this system burns more efficiently, and therefore uses less fuel than a standard ignition vehicle. These parts can go bad sometimes and do need replaced. Thankfully, they are not much harder than replacing spark plug wires and require no specialty tools.

Open the hood and examine the top of the engine to locate the coil packs. These packs are directly above the spark plug, are square in shape and have a wiring harness that is connected to them.

Remove the bolts holding the coil pack to the engine. There will be one to three bolts, depending on the vehicle.

Remove the wiring harness from the coil pack by pressing the locking button and pulling the harness from the pack.

Pull the coil pack straight up and off the spark plug.

Squeeze a small amount of dielectric grease inside the tube of the new coil pack.

Place the rubber tube of the coil pack over the spark plug and push the pack straight down until it contacts the engine.

Tighten the one to three bolts using a ratchet and socket.

Push the wiring harness into the new coil pack's female receptacle until the locking button clicks into place.

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