How to Replace Hyundai Headlights

by Angelo Elia

Hyundais are Korean-engineered vehicles known for their affordability and compact size, and they are also simple to maintain. The headlights on a Hyundai will need to be replaced with new ones when they are damaged or cracked. The Hyundai's headlights can also be replaced with aftermarket ones to enhance their appearance. Replacing the headlights on the Hyundai is easy to do, and anyone can do it with the right steps.

Pop the hood of your Hyundai and remove both bolts located at the top of the headlight by turning them counterclockwise with a ratchet wrench.

Pull on the power cord found at the back of the headlight to disconnect it then remove the headlight from the Hyundai.

Connect the power cord to the back of the new headlight and place the new headlight into the Hyundai in the area where the old one was removed.

Attach both of the bolts to the top of the new headlight with the ratchet wrench to secure the new headlight to the Hyundai then close the hood of the vehicle.

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