How to Replace the Headlight on a Toyota Sienna

by Jody L. Campbell

If a headlight blew out in your Toyota Sienna, you can replace it yourself or take it to a repair shop. You might think it's silly to take a vehicle to a repair shop for a headlight replacement, unless you've already opened the hood and tried to figure out how it is installed. So forget the repair shop--and there are no tools required. All you will need is some finger dexterity and determination to successfully accomplish the task at hand.

Step 1

Release the hood latch and open the hood. Locate the headlight bulb that's out. This may be a good time to check all of your front lights and rears, too. Make sure to turn off the lights before you replace any.

Step 2

Unplug the wire harness from the back of the headlight bulb.

Step 3

Remove the rubber gasket protector cover the back of the headlight. This simply pulls off, and there's a marking stamped on it that indicates the top of it when you're ready to replace it.

Step 4

Locate the locking spring on the back of the headlight. This is the tricky part--trying to get your head down in there to see which side it locks on. One side has a press-in lock on the spring, and the other side is hinged by a screw. Press the spring inward and upward to release it, then swing it back on the hinge to remove the old bulb.

Step 5

Remove the old bulb and install the new one. There is only one way to insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly cavity correctly. Be sure to line it up properly. Also, do not touch the glass of the new bulb with your fingers. Halogen bulbs can be compromised or damaged altogether by oils and alkaline in your skin.

Step 6

Replace the locking spring by pressing inward and downward to clip it onto the lock. Again, this may seem tedious, but it's actually harder to lock the spring than unlock it.

Step 7

Replace the rubber gasket protector correctly. Press it inward all around to make sure it is sealed properly.

Step 8

Plug the wire harness back into the headlight.

Step 9

Turn on the lights and test the new bulb.

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