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How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Contributor

Even if you never take your Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road, its headlights can still break or burn out. Fortunately, replacing one of these broken headlight bulbs is quick and cheap, so you can easily perform the repair on your own. These instructions don't apply to Grand Cherokee models made before 1999.

Step 1

Shut the Grand Cherokee's engine off and engage the emergency brake for added safety. Also, make sure its headlights are switched off.

Step 2

Open the hood using the release latches beneath the instrument panel and above the grille.

Step 3

Disengage the headlamp cover and carefully pull it away from the vehicle. Be careful not to scratch the lens or your Grand Cherokee's paint.

Step 4

Turn the bulb one-quarter turn counterclockwise to remove it from its housing.

Step 5

Disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the bulb.

Step 6

Insert the new bulb and dispose of the old one. Reconnect the electrical connector and twist the bulb back into its housing.

Test the new headlight to make sure it works before replacing the headlamp cover and closing the hood.


  • If you don't know whether the broken bulb belongs to the low-beam or high-beam headlight, check the headlight diagram in Section 7 of your owner's manual.


  • Don't attempt to replace your Jeep's headlights if they use High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs. These carry a dangerous electrical charge and should only be handled by a professional mechanic.

Items you will need

  • #9006LL and #9005 replacement bulbs (low- and high-beam bulbs for 2005 and later models)
  • #9006XS and #9005XS replacement bulbs (low- and high-beam bulbs for 1999-2004 models)

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