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How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a Chevy Impala

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The Chevy Impala is still one of the most popular full-size sedans after over 50 years of production. If you've been the owner of one of these vehicles for any length of time, you're sure to experience the need for some minor repairs. One of the repairs you can easily do yourself is change the headlight bulb in your Chevy Impala, especially those made after 2000.

Step 1

Pull the hood release latch located to the left of the parking brake pedal on the driver's side. Walk around to the front of the car, reach under the front center of the hood and find the secondary hood latch. Slide the latch to the right and lift the hood.

Step 2

Remove the headlight assembly screw for Chevy Impalas made after 2006 or remove the air baffle for body styles produced before 2006.

Step 3

Lift up on the two plastic headlamp fasteners to remove them. Pull the headlamp assembly away from the front of the car gently, at an angle. Remove the electrical connector from the headlight assembly.

Step 4

Access the bulbs by removing the round dust caps from the back of the assembly. Remove the old bulb using a counterclockwise turn and pulling it away from the headlamp.

Step 5

Raise the lock tab on the bulb's electrical connector to remove the connector from the base of the bulb. Then, reattach the electrical connector to the appropriate replacement bulb based on the model year and whether it's a high or low beam bulb.

Step 6

Install the new bulb into the headlight assembly by inserting the smallest tab on the bulb base into the corresponding notch in the retaining ring. Give a gentle clockwise quarter-turn until the bulb stops in its proper position.

Retrace your steps to reinstall the headlight assembly and check that the lights are working. Check them again after you've closed the hood.


  • Avoid touching a new halogen bulb with your bare hands. The oils from your skins will shorten the life of the bulb; so use gloves or a clean cloth when installing a new halogen bulb.

Items you will need

  • H9 halogen replacement for high-beams in post-2006 models
  • H11 halogen replacement for low-beams in post-2006 models
  • 9005 replacement bulb for high-beams in models prior to 2006
  • 9006 replacement bulb for low-beams in models prior to 2006

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