How to Replace a Headlight on a 1989 Honda Accord

by Jody L. Campbell
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The Honda Accord used sealed-beam headlights in 1989. This was the last year the model would use sealed-beam headlights. The Accord was furnished with halogen composite headlights the following year. The 1989 Accord also featured "flip up" headlights, that model year being part of the only generation of the Accord to do so (1986-1989). Single sealed-beam headlights contained both internal elements to account for the low and high beams, so there was only one headlight per driver's and passenger side.

Step 1

Place the keys in the ignition and turn to "ACC" power (two clicks forward).

Step 2

Raise the retractable headlights by switching the retractor switch (also commonly referred to by Honda Accord owners as a "keep-up switch") to the "On" position (not the headlight on switch).

Step 3

Remove the four headlight trim retaining screws with the screwdriver. Two are on the top front of the trim and the other two are on the top of each side of the trim. Pivot the trim forward once the screws are removed to release the bottom retaining tab of the trim.

Step 4

Remove the three headlight bezel retaining screws with the screwdriver. There are two at each bottom corner and one at the top just off-center. Remove the bezel.

Step 5

Pull the headlight out by hand until access to the three-pronged wire harness plug can be obtained (connected directly to the back of the headlight). Disconnect the wire harness plug from the headlight.

Step 6

Plug the wire harness plug into the replacement H6054 headlight making sure the DOT numbers and letters stamped on the headlight lens are right side up.

Step 7

Insert the headlight into the headlight door and place the headlight bezel over the headlight (making sure the two screw tabs are on the bottom and the one screw tab is on the top). Replace the bezel retaining screws and tighten.

Step 8

Test the headlight by turning on the headlight switch. Do not turn the retractor switch off. Be sure to test both high beam and low beam and then turn off the headlight switch.

Replace the headlight trim and retaining screws.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Replacement H6054 headlight

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