How to Replace an Intake Manifold Gasket on a Saturn Sl1 SOHC

by Greyson Ferguson
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On vehicles that use a fuel injection system -- including the Saturn S/1 SOHC -- the fuel line runs into the engine via an intake manifold. The gasket on the exterior of the manifold helps seal off any leaks running from the manifold itself. If the gasket is ever cracked or damaged you will need to replace it, as it may otherwise start leaking fuel and other liquids from your Saturn.

Step 1

Kill the engine on the Saturn and pop the hood. On the side of the engine you can see a metal strip with several large, circular holes. This is the gasket of your intake manifold.

Step 2

Spray the penetrating oil on the bolts of the manifold gasket to help clear off debris and other gunk from the bolts.

Step 3

Place your 12mm open wrench on the bolt. There is about an inch or half inch of space between the wrench and the end of the joint the bolt is attached to. The bolt is tightly wound so it takes some manipulating to remove it.

Step 4

Screw on a 12mm nut behind the wrench until it is flush against the wrench. The wrench is not the only thing separating the bolt and the nut. Slide out the wrench and place your torque wrench over both the nut and the bolt. Twist the torque wrench and the nut inside helps spin the wrench, which helps remove the bolt. Once the bolt is out repeat the same process with the other bolts on the gasket. With all the bolts removed you can slide out the gasket.

Step 5

Slide the new intake manifold gasket into position but be extremely careful to not put it in at an angle as this is going to crack the gasket, forcing you to find a new replacement. Tighten the bolts back into position and close the hood of your Saturn.

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