How to Reset the Fault Code on a Jeep Cherokee

by Jared Curtis
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The Jeep Cherokee's engine includes a computer that monitors several sensors. If a sensor reports a problem, the computer will display the check engine light on the dashboard. This tells the driver there is a problem that needs to be assessed. Once the problem is corrected, you can reset the fault codes yourself.

Step 1

Pull the release lever to open the hood from inside the vehicle. The lever is located underneath the steering wheel on the dashboard.

Step 2

Open the hood and place the support rod into position to prop up the hood.

Step 3

Remove the nut connecting the negative battery terminal to the battery, using an open end wrench.

Step 4

Allow the computer to reset. This will take roughly 30 minutes.

Step 5

Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery. Tighten the bolt using an open end wrench.

Step 6

Close the hood and start the engine. If the check engine light re-appears, there is still a problem with the engine that must be addressed.

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