How to Replace a Galant Window Regulator

by Katebo
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The Galant is manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors and was introduced in 1969. The window regulator on your Galant will have to be replaced if the window fails to go up or down properly. Make sure you purchase the proper regulator for your Galant, paying particular attention to the specific door. Replacement of the regulator is a project that can be completed in less than a half-hour with the proper tools.

Step 1

Open the hood and detach the negative battery terminal with a wrench.

Step 2

Separate the trim panel from the door. Pry off the manual lock lever with a flat-head screwdriver, starting with the door handle bezel and the upper panel extension. Locate and remove all mounting screws. Slide the panel off its retainers and disengage all electric connections behind the panel.

Step 3

Strip away the plastic deflector that covers the inner door's components and disconnect the window motor harness. Remove the bolts that secure the regulator.

Step 4

Push the window up and out from the door.

Step 5

Disengage the front side bolts and remove the regulator from the door.

Step 6

Reverse the above steps to install the new regulator.

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