How to Replace the Fuses in a Pontiac Grand Prix

by Kyle McBride
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Fuses in the 2005-through-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix are a combination of maxi-fuses, mini-fuses and J-case fuses. The maxi-fuses and J-case fuses protect high-current circuits, so whichever fuse you replace, turn off the ignition and turn off all accessories before opening the fuse blocks. You have two fuse blocks in your Grand Prix: one on the passenger side of the engine compartment, mounted forward of the strut tower, and one behind the access panel on the passenger side of the dashboard. Pull the fuse straight out to remove it. Align the terminals in the socket and push the new fuse straight in to install it. Replace the fuse with one of the same rating; never use a higher-rated fuse as a replacement.

Which Fuse?

Check the "Fuses and Circuit Breakers" section of your owner's manual and consult the fuse map on the inside cover of the fuse block to find the fuse you want to replace. There are spare fuses and a fuse puller in the fuse block in the engine compartment. If your Grand Prix has the V-6 engine, the fuse puller is in slot No. 55 in the fuse block. Otherwise, find the puller on the inside of the cover.

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