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How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a Chevy Corvette

by Contributor

When one of the front signal lights on your Chevy Corvette burns out, be sure to replace it immediately to avoid causing an accident on the road. Once you've ordered the correct replacement bulb, you can install it yourself in just a few minutes. These instructions don't apply to Corvette models made before 2005.

Step 1

Shut off your car to avoid a shock while working on the signal light. Engage the emergency brake for added safety.

Step 2

Turn the wheel nearest the broken signal bulb inward so you can access the inside front of the wheel well.

Step 3

Remove the three outer fasteners holding the bulb assembly access cover in place, and then remove the cover.

Step 4

Pull the outer cover away from the back of the assembly to expose the turn signal bulb socket.

Step 5

Turn the signal bulb socket counterclockwise to remove it from the assembly, and then pull the bulb directly out of the socket.

Step 6

Install the new bulb into the socket and screw the socket counterclockwise back into position.

Test the new bulb to make sure it works before replacing the outer cover and refastening the access cover.


  • Dispose of the old bulb immediately to prevent it from becoming a hazard.
  • Consult page 372 of your Corvette Owner's Manual for a diagram of the wheel well and access cover.

Items you will need

  • #5702KA replacement bulb (2005 and later models)

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