How to Replace Ford Windstar Spark Plugs

by Keith Dooley
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Ford Windstars have been around since the mid-1990s, and they were built through 2003. If you have one of these vans, you have probably noticed by now that some of the spark plugs are not easy to replace. The front plugs are simple enough to locate and work on, but the back ones, sometimes referred to as the hidden plugs, are not. In spite of this challenge, it is possible to replace the spark plugs yourself, without needing to pay a mechanic.

Step 1

Lift the hood and prop it open. Locate the front spark plugs, which are easier to remove.

Step 2

Pull off the wire boot, or cover, that is connected to the spark plug.

Step 3

Slip a spark plug wrench on the plug and turn counterclockwise to loosen it. Pull out the plug.

Step 4

Rub spark plug lubricant on the new plug's threads. Place it in the plug hole. It is difficult to see the hole, so this might take a few tries.

Step 5

Hand-tighten by turning the plug clockwise until you meet resistance. Finish tightening with the ratchet to the point where you need force to tighten further.

Step 6

Put the boot back on the spark plug. Continue with the next plug until you've replaced all of the front spark plugs.

Step 7

Detach the windshield wiper unit with a screwdriver and pull out its electrical connection. This provides access to the rear spark plugs. Replace the rear plugs the same as the front ones. Close the hood.

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