How to Replace the Ford Ranger Cam Sensor

by Thomas West

The Ford Ranger nameplate refers to a compact line of pick up trucks produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1983. The Ford Ranger's camshaft sensor is located on the engine block and is used to synchronize the firing of the electronic fuel injectors. If your Ranger becomes hard to start, idles roughly, or stumbles upon acceleration, you may need to install a new cam sensor.

Place the vehicle in park (for trucks with automatic transmission) or leave the transmission in gear (for manual transmission-equipped models). Apply the parking brake and open the hood. Allow the engine to cool if it has been running recently.

Remove the negative battery terminal after loosening the clamp bolt with an adjustable wrench. Locate the cam sensor on the topside of the engine block, behind the intake manifold and near the firewall.

Unplug the cam-sensor wiring harness from the sensor by pushing in on the plastic tabs of the connector while pulling the wiring connector away from the sensor.

Remove the two mounting bolts on the sensor with a small adjustable wrench. Pull the sensor from the shaft and discard it.

Insert the new cam sensor onto the sensor shaft and replace the two mounting bolts.

Push the wiring-harness connector into the new cam sensor until it snaps into place. Replace the negative battery terminal and tighten the clamp bolt with the adjustable wrench. Close the hood.


  • check Make sure you have the correct replacement cam sensor before installing it, by comparing the new sensor to the old one. Most parts companies will not allow returns of electric parts after they have been installed.

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