How to Replace the Fender Flares on a Wrangler

by Robert Good

The fender flares on the Jeep Wrangler are the plastic pieces that are connected to the fenders just above the wheels by bolts on the inside of the wheel wells. The number of bolts will vary between each Jeep Wrangler model, but the replacement process will be the same. All you will need are basic tools and about an hour to replace all four fender flares.

Park the Jeep on a flat surface. Look on the inside of the wheel well and locate the bolts that secure the fender flares to the fenders on the Jeep. Do this for all four fender flares.

Connect the correct size socket to a ratchet that fits the bolts for your Jeep Wrangler. Remove the bolts from each fender flare with the ratchet and socket. Pull the fender flares off of the fenders of the Jeep.

Place a new fender flare onto each fender and replace the bolts into the mounting holes. Tighten the bolts with the ratchet and socket. The bolts have no torque specifications so you will need to tighten them hand-tight.


  • check You will need to check the tension on the bolts occasionally to ensure that the bolts stay tight. If the bolts come loose, then you will need to re-tighten them.

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