How to Replace an Escalade Headlight

by Matt Scheer

If the headlight on your Escalade is worn or damaged, you may want to replace it. The headlight is held in place by three 10-mm bolts. Two of these are directly visible when you open the hood but the third can only be accessed through the wheel well. Besides these fasteners, however, you also have to remove the grill to get enough wiggle room to take out the headlight. Removing all of these fasteners can take an hour or more depending on your strength.

Step 1

Turn off your Escalade and prop open your hood.

Step 2

Pry off the fastener snaps on top of the grille using your flat head screwdriver as a wedging device. Pull the grille away from the firewall.

Step 3

Remove the two top 10-mm bolts from the headlight.

Step 4

Kneel next to your front wheel and remove the two 10-mm bolts holding the splash shield in place. Pull back the splash shield to reveal the underside of the headlight. Remove the last 10-mm bolt holding the headlight in place.

Step 5

Stand in front of the headlight, grip it in both hands and pull it out of its cavity. Take care not to scratch the fender and bumper as you pull. Pry it loose with your flat head screwdriver if it doesn't come out easily, but do not jerk it away from the Escalade as it's still attached by the wiring harnesses.

Step 6

Unplug the two wiring harnesses that power the turning signal and low and high beams and set the headlight aside now that it is free of the wiring harnesses.

Step 7

Plug in the two wiring harnesses to the back of the replacement headlight and insert the headlight into the open cavity, matching the studs on the back of the headlight with the securing brackets in the cavity. Remount the three 10-mm bolts, the grille with its fasteners, and the splash shield inside the wheel well.

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