How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket on a Daewoo Lanos

by Bryan Cowing
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In 1997, the Korean car company Daewoo offered the first Lanos to the public. The Daewoo Lanos is a sub compact car, meaning that it is smaller than 165 inches in length and has less than 99 cubic feet of volume on the interior. The 1.4 to 1.6 liter engine in the Daewoo contains at least four valves, depending on the year of production. Those valves are protected by a plastic or rubberized plastic valve cover. In order to create a tight seal, there is a gasket between the valve cover and the valve box. The steps for replacing an old or degraded gasket are simple.

Step 1

Remove the engine cover. Depending on the year of your Daewoo Lanos, your engine may have a large plastic engine cover that protects some of the moving parts. In order to get to the valve cover, you will need to remove the engine cover first. Unscrew the bolts by turning your socket wrench in a counter clockwise motion.

Step 2

Pull the engine cover off with your hands once you have removed all the bolts.

Step 3

Loosen the bolts on the valve cover with a 13mm socket wrench. Turn your socket wrench in a counter clockwise motion in order to loosen the bolts that hold the valve cover to the valve cover mount.

Step 4

Grasp each side of the valve cover with you hands and pull the cover straight up and out of the engine.

Step 5

Pull the old gasket out of the valve box.

Step 6

Examine the valve gasket for any signs of unusual wear or tear. If there is extra wear on a specific section of the gasket it may indicate a more critical problem with the valve or valve cover.

Step 7

Press your new gasket into the valve cover, making sure that it fits securely.

Step 8

Replace the valve cover lid.

Step 9

Replace the bolts that you removed in the first part of the procedure. This time, you will need to turn your socket wrench in a clockwise motion to tighten them.

Step 10

Replace the engine cover if your model has one.

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