How to Replace the PCV Valve in a Northstar

by Carl Pruit

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve of the Northstar engine is designed to help remove the gases from inside the intake manifold to help the engine run smoother. The Northstar engine is used in Cadillac vehicles and sits sideways inside the engine compartment with the intake manifold sitting behind the engine near the firewall. You should replace the PCV valve routinely to keep the engine running properly and reduce emissions.

Step 1

Take the bolts off the cover on the top of the Northstar engine with a socket wrench to gain access to the intake manifold cover. Locate the PCV valve on the top of the intake manifold cover with a rubber emissions hose attached to the valve.

Step 2

Pull the rubber emissions hose off the PCV valve carefully and set the hose aside. Unfasten the PCV valve from the intake manifold by hand.

Step 3

Place the new PCV valve in the top of the intake manifold cover the same way the old one came out. Attach the rubber emissions hose to the new PCV valve.

Step 4

Secure the Northstar engine cover to the top of the motor with the bolts.

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