How to Replace the Console in a Chevy Truck

by Daniel Valladares

Most Chevrolet trucks have two consoles: a center console and an overhead console. Although neither is essential for operating your vehicle, they are helpful when it comes to holding loose items. Removing either is fairly simple, as they are only held in to the truck by a few screws. The only tool needed to replace a console in a Chevy truck is a Philips screwdriver. It should take no more than ten minutes to replace both consoles.

Center Console

Remove the floor tray from the compartment by pulling up on it.

Remove the storage bin and the plugs hiding the screws.

Remove the four screws securing the center console and lift it out.

Install a replacement console and secure it by reinstalling the screws and reattach the plugs, the storage bin, and the floor tray.

Overhead Console

Remove the two console retaining screws with a Philips screwdriver.

Disconnect the electrical connector, revealed by pulling off the console.

Remove the console from the truck.

Install a replacement console. Reattach the electrical connector and reinstall the screws.

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