How to Replace the Center Console of a Honda CRV

by Chris Moore

The center console in the Honda CRV is designed to store drinking cups and numerous small objects in the console box. Many models of the CRV can actually have two center consoles: a front one and a rear one. If a console becomes damaged or excessively dirty, you may want to replace it. You will need to work around the seats that surround the console, and the process can vary depending on the year of the car.

Rear Console

Step 1

Slide both of the car's front seats forward. This can usually be done by pushing them forward from the backrests or using the levers underneath the seat at the front end. Remove the fasteners at the console's rear end; this should take a Phillips screwdriver

Step 2

Push the seats all the way back—you will likely need to use the lever for this. Pull the console's front end upward by hand to release its clips.

Step 3

Lift the console up at the rear end and tilt it toward the rear to disconnect the console.

Step 4

Insert the replacement console in place, positioning the rear end first. Push the front end in place and make sure the clips engage.

Push the seats forward and apply the mounting fasteners for the rear end of the console.

Front Console

Step 1

Disconnect the negative (black) cable to the car battery from underneath the hood. It likely is clamped in place with a clamp nut; remove the nut with a wrench.

Step 2

Pry out the lower cover of the center of the dashboard using a trim stick and then remove the two fasteners and electrical connector to the console that are behind the panel.

Step 3

Pull out the mat that is inside the console box and remove the fasteners at the bottom of the console box.

Step 4

Remove the fasteners along the sides of the console located near the front end and then pull up the console and lift it toward the rear.

Step 5

Position the replacement console, starting with its rear end, and mount it in place with the front end fasteners. Apply the fasteners inside the console box and the fasteners/electrical connector within the dashboard.

Replace the mat inside the console box and the trim panel on the dashboard, then reconnect the battery cable.

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