How to Replace a Chrysler 300C Cabin Filter

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Most modern vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters, although each manufacturer may refer to them by a different name. The Chrysler cabin filter is officially known as the A/C filter. Unlike many other vehicles, the Chrysler 300C (and 300) cabin filter is located in the engine bay. Chrysler recommends replacing this filter every 15,000 miles to keep the interior air quality high.

Turn the engine off and open the hood. Examine the passenger side of the engine bay against the firewall to find the air inlet box.

Press the tabs to slide the cover forward and access the filter.

Lift the old filter from the air inlet box and discard it.

Insert the new filter with the arrows pointing toward the rear of the vehicle.

Press the tabs and pull the cover back to finish.


  • check If you drive in dusty conditions, inspect your cabin air filter after every oil change and replace it, if it is heavily soiled. The Chrysler part number for the filter is 04596501AB.

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