How to Remove an Instrument Cluster on a PT Cruiser

by Chris Moore
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The instrument cluster on a car is the panel/window behind the steering column that contains the speedometer, fuel gauge and other gauges; on most models of the PT Cruiser, this cluster also includes one air vent. If you need to remove the instrument PT Cruiser's instrument cluster, this can be a relatively easy process; you will need to disassemble almost the entire dashboard on the driver's side, however, in order to complete the task.

Step 1

Remove the air filter housing cover, located in the engine compartment, by loosening the intake duct's clamp with a screwdriver and then releasing the cover's two spring clips, in order to gain access to the car battery.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative cable from the car battery by loosening the black cable clamp nut. Use a wrench with an insulated handle for extra protection.

Step 3

Pry off the trim caps for the A-pillar trim pieces. Pull out the heater/air conditioner control knobs, remove the power window switch and then unscrew and pry off the dashboard's center trim bezel.

Step 4

Remove the screws for the instrument panel top cover with the screwdriver; disengage the clips along the cover's rear edge, using a flat-bladed tool; lift the rear edge and slide the cover to the rear to remove it.

Step 5

Remove the left-end cover and knee bolster--grab the bolster at the top, pull it back sharply and rotate it out. Grab the instrument cluster bezel by the sides and pull it out to remove it.

Step 6

Remove the instrument cluster's mounting screws (two are located near the bottom corners and two are located on the sides, near the top corners), using a screwdriver, and then separate the cluster from the instrument panel.

Disconnect the electrical connectors from the back of the instrument cluster and remove the cluster from the car.

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