How to Replace a Chevy Truck Side Mirror

by Lacy Enderson

If you back out of your garage and you knock off your Chevy truck side mirror, you will need to replace it. Or maybe it got knocked off when you drove through the bank line. Some drive-throughs were not constructed for full size trucks. A Chevy truck side mirror can be replaced. There are a few things you'll need to know, but overall it's a fairly simple procedure. There are different mirrors for different models of Chevy trucks, so make sure you order the right mirror for your truck.

Breakdown the adhesive holding the mirror to the frame with a hair dryer and remove the glass.

Use a flat head screw driver to pry the mirror away from the frame as the adhesive melts. The glass will come out in pieces so wear gloves and have a trashcan available.

Cut the tip of a tube of silicone adhesive 3/8-inch in diameter. Apply the glue to the black frame.

Place large dabs of glue in the center and four corners of the mirror frame. Keep the glue 1 1/2 inches away from the edges so the glue will not ooze out and cause a mess.

Apply masking tape to hold the mirror in place while it dries, usually 24 hours. It may dry faster on warm days.


  • check Automotive mirrors are different than regular mirrors. Both sides are mirrored. This helps prevent glares from car lights at night. When you purchase a new mirror for your Chevy truck, make sure it is a real automotive mirror.


  • close If you have a heating element behind your truck mirror, carefully remove it from the mirror using a square utility knife. If the adhesive is too sticky and the heating element will not come off, soak the glass in acetone, this will dissolve the glue.

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