How to Replace a Chevy Blazer Dimmer Switch

by Gregory Crews

Replacing the dimmer switch on your Chevy Blazer will require you to replace the entire multi-switch. This switch controls all the features on your turn signal lever. You will replace the wiring to your turn signals, cruise control, windshield wipers and your dimmer switch. The switch is attached to the ignition lock assembly and requires removing a couple of screws and the wiring harness. Replacing the switch will also improve the function of the other items on the multi-switch.

Removing the Dimmer Switch

Remove the steering column shroud by removing the screws holding the column shroud together. These screws can be removed with a Phillips head screwdriver. You may have to adjust the position of the steering column to access the lower shroud.

Remove the turn signal lever by slightly turning the outer edge of the lever then pulling straight. The switch will come out.

Peel the foam shield back. This will give you access to the electrical connections connected to the switch.

Remove the electrical connections from the switch. They will pull right out once you unlock the locking tabs on the connector.

Remove the screws holding the switch in to the ignition lock assembly. This will require a Phillips head screwdriver.

Installing the Dimmer Switch

Place the new switch in to the lock assembly. Tighten the screws with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Attach the electrical connectors. The connector will plug in and lock.

Push in the turn signal lever by pushing in and twisting the lever till it locks in place.

Re-install the steering column shroud together. Tighten the screws till the shroud is snug.

Test the switch to make sure the dimmer works correctly. Turn your headlights on and pull the switch forward to brighten and again to dim. Test the other features on the switch to ensure everything is in working order.


  • close Disconnect the battery before working on the electrical system.

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