How to Replace an Oil Pressure Switch in a Jeep Liberty

by Christian Killian
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If the oil pressure light or gauge in your Jeep Liberty is not working or showing an erratic reading, changing the oil pressure switch may correct the problem. The oil pressure switch is located just above the oil filter on the 3.7-liter engine of the Jeep Liberty. The primary function of the oil pressure switch is to send information about engine oil pressure to the computer as well as operating the gauge or oil pressure warning light on the gauge. You can buy a new switch at any auto parts store, and changing it will take just a few minutes and a few basic tools.

Step 1

Raise the front of your Liberty with a jack. Position a set of jack stands under the Jeep so that they firmly support the weight of the vehicle.

Step 2

Turn the front wheels all the way to the right, and remove the push-in fasteners that secure the right side front splash shield to the fender. You can use a trim stick or large flat screwdriver to remove the fasteners. Once you have removed the fasteners, you can pull off the splash shield.

Step 3

Reach into the engine compartment through the wheel opening and locate the oil pressure switch just above the oil filter. Remove the electrical connector on the back of the switch by depressing the locking tab and pulling the connector straight off the switch.

Step 4

Remove the switch using a wrench, turning the switch counterclockwise until it comes out of the engine block. Install the new switch into the engine block and tighten it with your wrench.

Step 5

Install the electrical connector onto the new switch. Push it straight onto the switch and listen or feel for the locking tab to snap onto the switch, ensuring the connector is locked in place.

Step 6

Reinstall the right side splash guard into the fender opening and push the plastic push-in fasteners into the holes in the fender well. Raise the Jeep with the jack and remove the jack stands.

Step 7

Lower the Jeep to the ground and start the engine. Check the gauges to ensure that the new switch is functioning.

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