How to Replace the Lost Car Keys for a Buick Rendezvous

by Shanan Miller
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Losing the keys to your Buick Rendezvous can be time-consuming and costly if a key fob is involved in the replacement cost. Both the key and key fob can be obtained from a dealer. Additionally, you cannot obtain a key if you are not the registered owner of the vehicle. You will have to provide proof of ownership, which means you will have to personally retrieve the new key-you may not order it or replace it through the mail or by calling ahead.

Step 1

Prepare documentation that verifies your ownership of the Buick Rendezvous. To replace your keys, you will need to prove that you are the registered owner of the vehicle. Obtain proof of registration, title and license (or other legal identification that includes a photograph, such as a passport or state identification card).

Step 2

Visit a Buick or other GM dealership. The dealership will need your registration with a legible VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to obtain the key code for your Rendezvous. The dealership will also need the proof of ownership documents.

Step 3

Try the newly made key both in your door and in your ignition before leaving the dealership. A properly cut key will work in both, although mistakes happen. If the key does not work, take it back, as it may need to be polished or re-cut.

Step 4

Reprogram a key fob. Key fob replacement involves the work of a technician. Key fob replacement for a Rendezvous involves computer programming to set the fob. You will have to purchase a new fob and pay for labor time for the reprogramming, but you can buy a key fob outside of the dealership as long as it is specific to your year Buick Rendezvous.

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