How to Replace Car Interior Lights

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Whether you want to upgrade your car interior lights to the high tech LED lights or you simply want to replace your car interior fixture with an exact duplicate, new interior car lights make your ride a bit more appealing. With a little electrical knowledge and a couple of tools, you'll have your car's interior well lit again. Here's how to replace your car interior lights.

Disconnect the battery by removing the negative battery cable and lay it aside so it does not touch any surrounding metal.

Remove the existing fixture by pulling or unscrewing it from the car's interior. You may have to remove the light shield to gain access to the screws.

Check the colors of wire and connections of the new fixture and match them with the old fixture. Be sure to follow the directions that came with the new fixture as to soldering techniques and installation tips for your type of vehicle.

Solder the new fixture onto the existing wires. Make sure that you place the shrink tubing on before this step if you use it. Shrink the shrink tubing or wrap the wires with electrical tape.

Reinstall the fixture into the car interior using the opposite steps you used to remove it.

Reconnect the battery cable and test your work.


  • close In many states it is illegal to install interior neon lights. Before you design any interior light system that is not factory regulated, check with your local department of transportation.
  • close Be sure your non-factory lighting design is not on the same circuit as the headlights. This causes a problem when you need the headlights and need to kill the interior system.

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