How to Replace a Cadillac Ash Tray

by Roz Zurko

Removing the Cadillac ashtray will appear easy once you understand that it is held in by four fasteners that allow it to snap out with minimum force. It is a job that requires about 10 minutes.

Open the ashtray and remove the four fasteners that retain the ashtray. The fasteners pull off by using a little force. You may need a flashlight if your car is not in the direct sunlight. Put the fasteners in a plastic container to guard against losing them.

Slowly and partially remove the ashtray just enough until you see the electrical connector.

Carefully pull apart the electrical connector to disconnect and remove the ashtray.

Put the new ashtray partially in place and reconnect the electrical connector.

Align the ashtray to the instrument panel, then put the fasteners into place. Close the ashtray.


  • check Some people prefer to take out the center console piece to replace the ashtray. This is not necessary, but it is simple to do. There is one screw at the top of the console that you unscrew. The console just pops out with moderate force once that screw is removed. This will allow you to replace the ashtray without being bent over the front seat. (Remember to put the screw in a container so you do not lose it.)


  • close The fasteners are small, so make sure you keep them in a cup or container until they are ready to go back on.
  • close There is a small plastic nipple on the side of the ashtray that stops the arm for the opening and closing of the ashtray. Take special care not to damage this plastic piece or the cover of your ashtray will not work.

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