How to Replace the Bumper on a Toyota 4Runner

by Chris Moore

If either the front or rear bumper on your Toyota 4Runner has been damaged from a collision, you should replace that bumper for added safety. You can also replace the bumper with an aftermarket car kit if you feel like it. The following process applies for most 4Runner models made since 2003; the exact process can vary depending on the exact year. You may also need to adjust the procedure on the fly depending on any damage to the bumper or vehicle.

Front Bumper

Step 1

Raise the vehicle's front end and support it on jack stands; make sure you apply the parking brake.

Step 2

Remove the lower splash shield, disconnecting its fasteners with a screwdriver or Torx wrench. Remove the fasteners that secure the front ends of the inner fender splash shields.

Step 3

Pry off the trim piece along the top of the bumper with a screwdriver and then remove the fasteners on the top of the bumper cover; these fasteners may require a flare-nut or Torx wrench. Remove all the fasteners along the sides and bottom end of the bumper cover.

Step 4

Lift and pull the bumper off slightly until you can reach the fog lights' electrical connectors, disconnect the connectors and remove the bumper cover.

Step 5

Install the replacement bumper, making sure the tabs in back of the bumper fit onto the clips on the body; you might need an assistant's help. Install all the bolts and screws that you removed from the old bumper.

Lower the vehicle off the jack stands.

Rear Bumper

Step 1

Unscrew the fasteners for the rear mud flaps using a screwdriver or Torx wrench and remove the flaps.

Step 2

Remove the upper bolts on the edge of the bumper with a wrench, which are in the wheel wells. Remove the fasteners on the bottom of the cover and then open the rear hatch and remove the fasteners for the bumper's upper inside edge.

Step 3

Pull the bumper out and away from the vehicle.

Step 4

Install the replacement rear bumper on the truck and apply the upper fasteners, the bottom fasteners and then the ones in the wheel wells.

Reconnect the mud flaps.

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