How to Replace a Bernzomatic's Flint

by Tom Price

A Bernzomatic sparker is a device used for igniting torches. One end of a spring-loaded handle is welded to a metal cup. The other end of the handle, which contains the flint, sits inside the cup. Operating the sparker is extremely simple. The operator opens the acetylene valve on the torch, holds the cup of the sparker over the end of the torch and squeezes the spring-loaded handle of the sparker. This drags a flint across a knurled piece of steel, causing a spark that ignites the acetylene. Replacing the flint in a Bernzomatic sparker is something that almost anyone can do in a matter of seconds.

Lift the end of the handle containing the flint out of the sparker's cup. The handle is spring-loaded, so the sparker will swing to the right of the cup by itself after it clears the edge of the cup.

Loosen the old flint, located at the end of the spring-loaded handle, by turning it counterclockwise with a pair of pliers. Finish unscrewing the flint by hand.

Thread a new flint onto the end of the spring-loaded arm and screw it onto the arm by turning it clockwise by hand. Finish tightening the flint with a pair of pliers.

Squeeze the spring-loaded arm with one hand until the flint hits the outside rim of the cup. Lift the arm up until the flint clears the edge of the cup. Squeeze the spring-loaded arm until the flint clears the edge of the cup. Lower the spring-loaded arm into the cup, then release the handle.

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