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How to Replace the Alternator in a Toyota Tacoma

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The alternator in a Toyota Tacoma sends electrical current to various accessories in the vehicle while the engine is running. Most modern alternators have a built-in voltage regulator to ensure the voltage level remains constant. If your battery keeps running down or your headlights become dimmer while driving, you may need to replace the alternator.

Determine which alternator your Toyota Tacoma will need. You'll want to be sure the new alternator is compatible with your Tacoma's engine. Models made before 2005 may have a 2.4 L, 2.7 L or 3.4 L engine. The current version may have a 2.7 L or 4.0 L engine.

Disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench. Remove the V bank cover and the driver's side radiator support to the frame seal. Detach the radiator fan shroud.

Unplug the harness wiring from the alternator and unfasten the retaining nut on the alternator terminal so you can disconnect the positive battery wire. Remove the drive belt. Take the mounting bolts off of the alternator with a socket wrench and remove the alternator assembly.

Install the new alternator assembly and tighten the mounting bolts to 32 foot pounds with a torque wrench.

Put the drive belt back on and adjust it to the proper tension. Connect the positive battery wire and secure it by fastening the retaining nut on the alternator terminal. Plug the wiring harness into the alternator and attach the radiator fan shroud.

Install the driver's side radiator support to the frame seal and attach the V bank cover. Connect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench.

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